Feline Struvite


These smooth to moderately irregular stones are mild to moderately radiodense depending on size. In 40% of cats there is usually only one stone.

General Information

In almost all cats, struvite (magnesium ammonium phosphate hexahydrate) forms without a urinary tract infection (i.e. sterile struvite uroliths). Culture urine prior to antibiotic administration if you suspect infection (urease-producing bacteria) as the cause of struvite formation.


• Repeat urine cultures with possible infection-induced struvite (e.g. cat with perineal urethrostomy).


• Antibiotics are rarely indicated, but should be provided for cats with infection-induced struvite (e.g. cat with perineal urethrostomy).


• Low phosphorus/magnesium foods that promote acidic urine (e.g. c/d multicare diets, others)


Repeat urinalyses every 6 months and medical imaging annually. Culture urine every 3-6 months for infection-induced struvite uroliths.


We advise reviewing manufacturer's literature regarding selected therapeutic foods to determine indications and contraindications. For pets with multiple health concerns,we suggest that the selection of diet should take into consideration all health needs of the pet.

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Feline Struvite