Feline Struvite


These smooth to moderately irregular stones are mild to moderately radiodense depending on size. In 40% of cats there is usually only one stone.

Informations générales

In almost all cats, struvite (magnesium ammonium phosphate hexahydrate) forms without a urinary tract infection (i.e. sterile struvite uroliths). Culture urine prior to antibiotic administration if you suspect infection (urease-producing bacteria) as the cause of struvite formation.


• Repeat urine cultures with possible infection-induced struvite (e.g. cat with perineal urethrostomy).


• Antibiotics are rarely indicated, but should be provided for cats with infection-induced struvite (e.g. cat with perineal urethrostomy).


• Low phosphorus/magnesium foods that promote acidic urine (e.g. c/d multicare diets, others)


Repeat urinalyses every 6 months and medical imaging annually. Culture urine every 3-6 months for infection-induced struvite uroliths.


Nous vous conseillons de consulter la documentation du fabricant concernant certains aliments thérapeutiques afin d'en déterminer les indications et les contre-indications. Pour les animaux présentant des problèmes de santé multiples, nous suggérons que le choix de l'aliment prenne en compte tous les besoins de l'animal en matière de santé.

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Feline Struvite