Canine Solidified Blood


These slightly radiopaque stones vary in size and shape.

Informations générales

Solidified blood stones are an uncommon cause of urolithiasis. The cause often remains unknown. A solidified blood nephrolith has been reported in an anemic cat with porphyria. In some instances, solidified blood serves as a nidus for deposition of other minerals surrounding it.


• Identify causes for local (e.g. trauma, infection, cancer, stones) and generalized (e.g. coagulopathies) bleeding.


• Eliminate underlying cause of bleeding.


• Feed canned foods or add water to achieve a specific gravity ≤1.020 for dogs to minimize clot formation and retention.


Urinalysis every 3 months to monitor for persistent urinary hemorrhage and need for further investigation of the cause. Medical imaging every 6 to 12 months to detect recurrence. Recurrence is an indication for further evaluation and alternative treatment strategies.


Nous vous conseillons de consulter la documentation du fabricant concernant certains aliments thérapeutiques afin d'en déterminer les indications et les contre-indications. Pour les animaux présentant des problèmes de santé multiples, nous suggérons que le choix de l'aliment prenne en compte tous les besoins de l'animal en matière de santé.

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Canine Solidified Blood